2019 LINCOLN MKX REDESIGN, RELEASE DATEThe 2nd generation of the MKX has been released a couple of years back and despite its drawbacks, it still managed to sell better than its predecessor. However, the car is not doing as well as it should and in order to change that it seems an update is on its way. This is more than likely going to be released with the future 2019 Lincoln MKX. Despite the fact Lincoln decided to keep quiet about the car, the test mule has already been spied on the open road. It looks like the changes are not going to be purely cosmetic either. The car should receive a far better drivetrain as well as a revised running gear. The end result should be a better to drive crossover than before without losing its characteristic ride quality.


As before, the car is still going to be based on the same platform as the Edge. Just like its sibling, it is also expected to receive a new running gear. The upcoming model is expected to receive, at least on the higher end versions, a new set of adaptive dampers and possibly an air-ride system. The dampers would control how the car behaves on the road and they would give it a much sportier character than before. The air-shocks on the other hand would allow the car to control the ride height depending on the road conditions.

This would also allow it to save fuel when driving on the highway at speed thanks to it being capable to lower the entire car closer to the ground. Besides that it seems the wheelbase will stay roughly the same as before. Despite what the early rumors suggested, it looks like the wheels will not be wider on the 2019 Lincoln MKX so we can expect roughly the same levels of grip as before.



The ongoing model is definitely a much better looking car than the Edge. It has more flair and its lines give it a much better character. Most of the lines on the side will stay the same as before which is reassuring. However, the car’s front end, possibly the hood too, will change completely over what we were used to. For starters, the camouflaged car definitely has two sets of headlights which is likely due to a split headlight design. This has been used before but so far none of the cars that used this design were that successful.

It looks like the new 2019 Lincoln MKX might receive a far better implementation than we first thought. The headlights are slim and swept back and they seem to be mounted right where the grille ends. Also, the two-piece grille will be replaced by a one-piece unit more similar to what the Continental brought to the market. The bumper was too heavily covered but it looks like it will feature a large center intake, likely for the hot-running engine. The rear of the revised MKX should receive just a new set of tail lights and that’s about it.


The current car has its entire cabin based on the Edge. Because of that it also offers roughly the same design and it seems that this might not change for the new generation. There is still a small chance for it to receive something quite a bit more similar to the latest Navigator. If this is going to happen then the MKX will become a more premium-feeling vehicle than before. However, if they decide to keep the design unchanged there are still some good news. The 2019 Lincoln MKX is set to receive a new instrument cluster and possibly a new set of front seats as well.