2018 SUBARU BRZ STI SPECS, RELEASE DATEThe BRZ is a great sports car for the money but it is not really perfect. The car lacks the power or the looks to please everyone. In order to get a bit more performance from the chassis Subaru actually released a high performance model with the “tS” version but not even this received any power upgrades. Well, not that long ago rumors about a new version of the car started to surface. It seems a 2018 Subaru BRZ STI might happen in the future. The car would come with the power most of us hoped the “tS” was going to get as well as all the other upgrades of that car. The end result should be one of the best driving sports cars on the road with the performance to back up those driving characteristics.

The actual platform of the STI BRZ will be the same as that of the regular model, so no changes here. However, the entire running gear of the car is expected to change for something much better. It seems that just like the “tS”, the upcoming STI might receive Sachs high performance shocks and shorter performance springs. The car could also receive upgraded bushings, thicker anti-roll bars and likely a similar V-brace in the engine bay. These should increase the rigidity of the car by a good margin without adding any unnecessary weight. The brakes are not going to remain standard either. So far it seems the 2018 Subaru BRZ STI might get the same Brembo-supplied rotors and calipers as the WRX STI.


So, the spy photos are here, and they are some sort of evidence that 2018 Subaru BRZ STI is coming. When? That’s another matter. The Japanese automaker has been teasing us with BRZ STI for years. In 2015 they launched the concept vehicle that should have announced the arrival of BRZ STI. Two years have passed by, and nothing substantial happened. We are hoping that in following months pre-production vehicle will be ready and that 2018 launch will follow.

The price, on the other hand, can be conjured up based on the ongoing BRZ model. This vehicle starts at $25,500. Moving on, the Limited trim costs $27,700. Don’t get your hopes up too early. The STI powered 2018 Subaru BRZ will set you back for more than that. Taking into account these prices, and what future 2018 BRZ STI might bring to the table, the price will be in mid-$30,000. To be even more precise the upcoming BRZ STI could start at $35,000. Will it be worth? It remains to be seen so stay tuned, as we feed you more information.


The car is expected to be not much different from the newly released “tS” model. This means the car will get an entirely new body kit as well as a few other aerodynamic additions. For starters, in the front a large splitter will be added while the rear of the car will receive a different bumper with a slightly more aggressive-looking diffuser. Some suggested a different one might be added but we doubt that considering the “tS” is already more than aggressive-enough.

The massive rear wing on the limited edition model on the other hand might be skipped. In its place we could see something more similar to the WRX which would give the 2018 Subaru BRZ STI a slightly more subtle look. The wheels are likely going to be the 18 inch rims already found on the BRZ wrapped in higher performance tires. A 19 inch option might be added as an option but this is still up in the air.


Just like with any other STI car on the road, the BRZ STI won’t remain identical to its cheaper siblings. Here we should see a much better set of seats, likely with the STI logos on the headrests, as well as a new steering wheel. The upholstery is set to be the same type of suede as in the WRX STI while the red contrasting stitching will add a bit of flair to the cabin. In terms of features the BRZ STI won’t be much different from a regular BRZ.