2018 Toyota Land Cruiser New Reviews, Price, Release date, Engine, Interior

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser New Reviews, Price, Release date, Engine, Interior

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser New Reviews, Price, Release date, Engine, Interior - Released back in 2007, the current Land Cruiser is not exactly a new car. Even though it is nearly a decade old, it still is a favorite among many thanks to the level of comfort it offers and the pure off-road ability is boosted. 

However, because it is quite old it seems that it will not be kept on the market for much longer. In fact, the Toyota Land Cruiser 2018 is expected to be the last model of this generation. Because of that, it may hit the market with a few more interesting trim levels which should make it even more desirable than before.

The body-on-frame structure of the ongoing generation will stay for this small facelift. Also, the running gear is very likely not going to change all that much. However, like we said, Toyota may offer a special version. Some rumors suggested that the last model of the current Land Cruiser would get a TRD Pro version. 

This would get to use better Bilstein shocks, stiffer springs, a higher ground clearance as well as new wheels and tires.

Price and Release date

The price for the base model of the Toyota Land Cruiser 2018 is likely going to hover around $80,000, just like the current car. 

The TRD, on the other hand, could cost in excess of $100,000, especially if it would get to be a limited edition car. 

Take into account though that the TRD model has yet to be confirmed by Toyota. This upcoming model is expected to be launched during the mid-2017. 


The Toyota Land Cruiser 2018 is not going to be all that different from the current model. 

Up front, the car will continue to use the newly revised from the end. This has a larger hexagonal grille and new headlights which also include a part of the grille. The car is a lot more in line with Toyota’s other cars but in our opinion, it doesn’t look like a car that costs as much as it. 

The rumored TRD model would likely follow the usual TRD look with the beefier tires, higher ground clearance, and likely striking color scheme.


No matter what model people are going to choose, the new Toyota Land Cruiser 2018 is going to look the same. 

The car will continue to offer a cabin upholstered in fine leather, real wood, and aluminum. This has been one of the main selling points of the car for years and it will continue to be in the future. 

The only change here might be the infotainment system which could be upgraded to Toyota’s latest offering.

Engine and Transmission

For years, the Land Cruiser has been offering only a single engine choice for the US market even though other countries received more. 

The 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser will make no exception. In the US the car will continue to offer the same 5.7 liters naturally aspirated V8 as before. 

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Currently, this engine makes 381 horsepower and 401 lb-ft of torque which is in the lower part of its class. However, the engine will be mated to an eight-speed automatic which is smooth, fast and quite easy to drive fast.

Like before, a standard four-wheel drive system with lockable differentials will be available. 

Like we said, there is also the rumored TRD version of the car. So far it still is unclear if it will ever be made. However, this could use the same engine and transmission but a slightly better all-wheel drive system. 

The 2018 model of the Land Cruiser will also continue to offer the 4.6-liter V8 petrol engine as well as the 4.5 liters turbocharged V8 diesel in some markets. 

Both of these are less powerful than the larger 5.7-liter engine but both of them are considerably more efficient.

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