2018 Buick Regal Sportback Review and Price and Performance Design

2018 Buick Regal Sportback Review and Price and Performance Design
2018 Buick Regal Sportback Review and Price and Performance Design

Buick’s new Regal and the Audi A4 seem set on a-collision course. It has been a long time maybe not-ever since we could-have typed any sentence that buoyed a Buick into the-same conversation as Audi, but the all new 2018 Regal works hard to ensure this is no false-equivalence. For proof, check-out the slick new body, classy interior, and sporty intent.

We're focusing in on the potential Buick-on-Audi standoff on the grounds that, on vanity alone, the two are the most outwardly alluring cars in each other's circle. The 2018 Regal outsexes the frump Acura TLX and the to some degree unbalanced looking Lincoln MKZ.We haven’t seen the upcoming S60 replacement, which, given Volvo’s recent design renaissance, could be quite a looker, but the current one borders on innocuous.

Perhaps we ought to determine which A4 the Buick is focusing on. The Sportback in the new Regal's name is a gesture to its vast liftgate that replaces a customary trunk.This means the Regal is technically a hatchback, albeit one that mimics a sedan in a way that’s reminiscent of the A4-based A5 Sportback, which coincidentally is headed for the U.S. market later this year for the first time.

By now everyone should be accustomed to Buicks that appeal to sub-octogenarians, so the Regal’s sleek look should come as no great surprise. Its subtly furrowed headlights, clean new winged grille motif, and delicate creases defining shoulder lines that run from behind each front wheel to the trunk are a vast improvement over the somewhat lumpy current model.

The extended wheelbase additionally pays profits inside, where the new Regal's rearward sitting arrangement is more human-accommodating than its antecedent's generally tight quarters. Buick fits a 60/40 split-collapsing back seat as standard, in spite of the fact that a 40/20/40 seat is discretionary for the individuals who must have greater adaptability. Shockingly, when collapsed, the back seatbacks sit higher than the load floor, making a slight lip that keeps freight from being slid in one go from the guard the distance to the back of the front seats.

Beyond its bootylicious surprise, the Regal steps up the rest of its interior game big time for 2018. Inside, muted design is married to upscale materials and color schemes that put the outgoing car to shame.