SPECIFICATIONS Price Newest All New Fortuner 2016

SPECIFICATIONS Price Newest All New Fortuner 2016

PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMI) has been authorized to market the All New Toyota Fortuner 2016 in Indonesia on 22 January. The presence of a car is highly anticipated medium SUV automobile lovers in this country, because it certainly will bring the latest technologies, and has the outer look more handsome and sporty. As for the engine, going back marketed with two types of engines, the engine with gasoline and diesel fuel.

SPECIFICATIONS Price Newest All New Fortuner 2016
SPECIFICATIONS Price Newest All New Fortuner 2016

For now there are at least six types of the All New Toyota Fortuner in Indonesia. The price of each type is not cheap, because the automotive buddy must spend money exceeds 442 Million to purchase one unit of this car. Even then, the lowest price, and the price of the most expensive All New Fortuner in Indonesia exceeds 550 Million. Although the price has increased compared to the price of Toyota Futuner previous generation, but the car proved to be more interesting and certainly more sophisticated.

Seeing the success of the previous generation Toyota Fortuner, certainly All New Fortuner will again achieve success in the consumer interest homeland. As we all know, the medium SUV car is a tough opponent of the Pajero Sport which have the same selling price is very expensive. Competition between the Pajero Sport and Toyota Fortuner will again take place in the year 2016, let alone Mitsubhisi reportedly ready to release the latest generation of Pajero Sport.

Competition type cars medium SUV is quite fierce, not only Fotuner against Pajero Sport, but also the other cars made in Honda, Ford, and the South Korean manufacturer such as Kia and Hyundai also have the same type car SUV is ready to beat the All New Toyota Fortuner , But with the change in all lines, of course, the car will remain above the clouds to bersain against rivals, and to look beyond any changes in this car, let's see specifications and pricing information All New Fortuner below.

Specifications Mobil All New Toyota Fortuner


Machine Type: Gasoline 2.7L Dual VVTi (2.694cc) / Diesel 2.4L VNT (2.393cc)
Diameter x step: Gasoline (95 x 95) / Diesel (92 x 90)
Power: Gasoline (163 / 3,400 rpm) / Diesel (149.6 / 3,400 rpm)
Torque: Gasoline (24.7 / 4.000rpm) / Diesel (40.8 / 1600-2000 rpm)
Combustion system: Gasoline (Electronic Fuel Injection) / Diesel (Common Rail Type)
Fuel: Lead-Free Gasoline / Diesel
Fuel capacity: 80 L
Transmission: Automatic 6 Rate / Speed ​​Manual 6 Speed ​​Levels


L x W x H: 4,795 x 1,855 x 1,835 mm
Distance Cornerstone front / rear: 1,545 mm /1.550
Distance Axis Wheels: 2,745 mm

Suspension / Leg-Leg

Suspension Front: Double Wishbone with Coil Spring & Stabilizer
Rear Suspension: 4-link with Lateral Rod
Brakes Front: 17 "Ventilated Disc Brake
Rear brakes: Drum with Leading-Trailing
Additional braking: ABS + EBD
Tire Size: 265/60 R18


Floating Roff (All Type)
Outer Rear View Mirror (VRS & SRZ Type)
Alloy Wheel 18 "(VRS & SRZ Type)
Bi-Beam Headlamp LED (VRS & SRZ Type)
Power Back Door (VRS & SRZ Type)
Backdoor Garnish (All Type)
Styling Rear Lamp (All Type)
Rear Spoiler (All Type)
Shark Fin Antenna (All Type)


Smart Entry (VRS & SRZ Type)
Smart Start Stop Button (VRS & SRZ Type)
Power Seat (VRZ Type)
Cabin Lamp (VRS & SRZ Type)
Steering Wheel (All Type)
TFT Type MID (All Type)
Mode Drive System (All Type)
Paddle Shift (All A / T Type)
Rear Auto AC (All Type)
Navigation System (VRS & SRZ Type)
Rear Seat Entertainment (VRS & SRZ Type)

Features and Security

Vihicle Stability Control (4 × 4 VRZ Type)
Hill Assist Control (4 × 4 VRZ Type)
EBS (4 × 4 VRZ Type)
A-TRC (4 × 4 VRZ Type)
SRS airbag (4 × 4 VRZ Type)
ISOFIX with Tether Anchor (All Type)
ABS + EBD (All Type)