Recent reviews in 2017 Aston Martin DB11 first drive: The future of Aston has arrived

Recent reviews in 2017 Aston Martin DB11 first drive: The future of Aston has arrived

Recent reviews in 2017 Aston Martin DB11 first drive  The future of Aston has arrived
Recent reviews in 2017 Aston Martin DB11 first drive  The future of Aston has arrived

Not for the first time in the history of 103 years, Aston Martin is at a crossroads. Private and ample capital, Aston short on fresh produce - and struggling to convince people who are not bankers London (read: American and Chinese bankers), it remains the marque worth paying attention.

We had been told to expect a large, strange, wonderful things in the near future, from the production of electricity for taking DBX Crossover Hypercars negligent. But first, a standard-bearer: The all-new DB11.

Compared to the madness ambitious recently announced AM-RB 001 - street car headline-grabbing Aston developed in collaboration with Red Bull and Formula 1 champ Adrian Newey - who DB11 is completely conventional: V12 under the hood length in front, driven wheels under the short rear deck, the interior is very comfortable in the middle.

Recent reviews in 2017 Aston Martin DB11 first drive: The future of Aston has arrived
Recent reviews in 2017 Aston Martin DB11 first drive: The future of Aston has arrived

With the sweep and curve, knives and ventilation, it packs more talent concept car than its predecessor handsome-but-restrained her, DB9. You can order it at a number of color combinations, including contrasting paint job that accentuates the dramatic floating roofline, or go a more conservative route monochrome if you want to remain smooth. Either way, it seems like it's DB11 is designed to age well.

There is a monumental change in - or tucked under a classically proportioned, the skin is very sculpted. For one, the all-new chassis; DB11 aluminum platform replacing the existing architecture, in one form or another, for more than a decade.

Also new is the engine, hidden under the hood of the clamshell is pressed out of a very large part of the aluminum. Although the choice of V8 seems inevitable, for the moment, the only powerplant is a 600-hp, 516 lb-ft 5.2-liter V12. In-house design twin-turbocharged (the first turbo installed on production Aston) and mounted behind the front wheel hub, making DB11 midengine car right front. It is paired with an eight-speed automatic transaxle.

V12 that can run as a straight-six in the cruising speed to improve fuel economy, biking cylinder banks active to keep temps catalytic converter, but we have to wait until the fuel economy figures that came out to assess how effective actually. For now, and more importantly, know that Aston says it will do 0-62 mph in 3.9 seconds on its way to a top speed of 200-mph.

To help keep the car planted while you're there, Aston has developed a number of aerodynamic-improving complex features barely visible on the surface. Intake, for example, is located at the base of the C-pillar - where the line meets the body floating roof - air channel into the slot at the top of the decklid, just back from the pop-up Gurney small cap that extends at 90 mph.

Aston says the system, which has been dubbed "AeroBlade," acts as a "virtual spoiler" to reduce lift at high speeds (picture a flat sheet of air fly into the sky on the back edge of the trunk). Another car, less concerned with the art of understatement, perhaps only a slap on the wings were great and called it a day.

Furthermore, as part of an ongoing partnership with AMG, the infotainment system and the center console switchgear - plus the rest of the items are less visible electric cars - has been borrowed from Benz. If you are familiar with the system Benz, there will not be any hiding this; infotainment system looks and operates like a familiar Comand setup, because.

We will be happy to take coherence increases during part-son experience that haunts low volume cars. Since when do we really want the Brits to do electronically?

In addition, the skin is so good you'll soon forget the similarities. The DB11 smells like a bag Milanese showroom in and seat upholstery feels as good as anything we feel in the car or elsewhere.

Aston will be glad to establish any DB11 to order (or so tells us) even though it seems we Americans are too impatient to wait for the process of building and just buy whatever is in the parking lot.

Delaying your satisfaction and go the custom route. Wide selection of exterior paint, color and trim available is daunting, but you will not be alone in the process. If you choose the color pairs were really nasty, Aston the Q-division will never tell you directly - that would be very un-British - but we were told that if you hear something along the lines of "You aren 'planning t on holding the car this as an investment, do you, sir? "you will know to take the automotive tribute purple-on-green to Barney the Dinosaur back to the drawing board.