Prices and Specifications Recent Toyota Calya 2017

Prices and Specifications Recent Toyota Calya 2017

The latest news that circulated widely in the automotive world comes from one of the largest automotive company in our country is Indonesia. Call it the Toyota brand is certainly already a lot you defeated one knows it, not only because the sight looks interesting, but more to the quality that is not strong and unmatched. LCGC, technological innovation are deliberately created to meet the needs of society will need a car with a high level of practicality, and certainly the price is not too expensive.

Prices and Specifications Recent Toyota Calya 2017
Prices and Specifications Recent Toyota Calya 2017

Cool again, in the development of Toyota itself is now busy with his latest claim car, which was given the nickname Calya name, where the name if we examine further, and follow the latest information, the name is said to result from a combination of Agya and Ayla. And the need to mate to know also, according to the Sanskrit language, the name of Clya this can be interpreted as perfection, that when we apply to the real side, what is made by Toyota is revised car than the previous generation, and more details can mate refer to his review in the specification and Price Toyota Calya below.


This may be true, let alone a teaser or images uploaded by otomania shows a design of perfection will LCGC his car. Interestingly, the car is also referred to as the sister of the Avanza was performed with a look not much different from what is made by Toyota lately, where the front is equipped large grille, which in general it was very helpful great for cooling machine , because it will help cool the engine becomes much faster.

While in the middle above the bumper, it is clear there is a distinctive emblem LCGC car, it had to be used by Toyota's latest innovation in order to meet the standard regulations issued by our own government of Indonesia. Although there are additional, not overly affect the appearance, instead it looks Indonesia really. Then for lighting is considered optimal, because Toyota itself complete with two large shaped headlamp with a design similar to that used by the latest Avanza.

As for any part of the side, the design used by Toyota Calya is similar to what is used by Datsun Go, not high but extends to the rear. Where this will adjust its transport capacity, mentioned such capacity will be filled up to a maximum of 7 people inside. Continue to the rear, grimy Calya stop lamp models contained in Innova, but not entirely, because when we look at the image, its size is smaller than that used by Innova.

Then view more detail later on in the rear, where the license plate is used by Calya similar to what exists in the Toyota Agya, which make it more beautiful. Then for a hollow body at the door of this baggage, it looks the same as what's in the Toyota Avanza, so with all that, we can pull interim conclusion, that the right car is an adaptation Avanza serie cost, because almost all of his parts similar to MPV cars belonging to Toyota, including the handle to the four-door carries.


Next go to the kitchen sector runway, said Toyota Calya is going to use the same engine as the Etios Valco type 3NR-FE engine, but with some changes of course, because it must adjust cabin capacity that can fit up to 7 people. Through the machine which has a composition with a 1.2 liter Dual VVT-i technology, will is expected to generate great power to bring users the sensation of driving a car other than the class.

As for transimsi used, toyota rumored calya present only an automatic transmission, and has a compression ratio with a ratio of 11.5: 1. Where to acceleration feels so fast plus easy to use by anyone. Regarding fuel consumption, thanks to the Dual VVT-i technology, fuel consumption could be on tap or can be said to economical, and of course the existence of such technology, making it more friendly to the environment, because the fuel burn completely in the engine room.

In addition to the type 1.2L engine, toyota calya will also be at present in this version of the engine underneath, with reinforced engine type 1KR-FE 1.0L, now in the second engine choice is then Toyota will equip it with a manual transmission as in the Toyota Agya. By doing so, users have enough options to be adjusted exact needs and budget, because when the smaller machines are used, it is definitely more affordable and friendly bags.