Price Toyota Prius and 2016 LATEST Specifications

Price Toyota Prius and 2016 LATEST Specifications

This car is a car with hybrid technology as we know hybrid technology is a technology pengehemat most fuel effective today, the Toyota Prius is a car a hybrid car featured belong to Toyota, in addition to the advantages that hybrid cars this sedan has all the features needed start dai comfort, features, and elegant body design makes this one sedan car included in the premium saloon car range.

Price Toyota Prius and 2016 LATEST Specifications
Price Toyota Prius and 2016 LATEST Specifications

On the basis of the high concerns of the world community about the impact of global warming is already very high, one of the things that cause global warning is the high carbon dioxide released by a variety of motor vehicles in the world, the concept of power used toyota prius that combine electricity and gasoline have been widely recognized by the world menngenai low-emission cars even in different countries this car was awarded the best car.

At the beginning of 2016 there will be pembeharuan of toyota prius, according to one source toyota prius will have two variants of the standard Toyota Prius and Toyota Prius hybrid version. for toyota prius standard version adak dilaburi with aquamarine color, semenatara for toyota prius hybrid version will use a blue color, were also reports that the latest Toyota Prius will be more efficient on fuel to reach 8% when compared to its predecessor.
in addition to earlier changes of the Toyota is suppose to replace the engine Toyota Prius is using the latest machinery that is claimed to be spraying power 145 to 150 horsepower, in addition to energy has changed toyota prius also pointed out will experience a change in the setting of the machine in order to improve the level of efessiensnya, nah for pal otomaniac are curious about the power and specifications please friend can see our review specifications and Price Toyota Prius:

Car specification Toyota Prius


22R-FXE, 1L4 cylinder, Dual VVT-i
Fill Cylinder: 1,797
Bore x Stroke: 80.5 X 88.3
Maximum Power: 73 (99.3) / 5200
Maximum Torque: 142 (14.4) / 4000
Fuel Capacity: 45 Liter


Distance Cornerstone front / rear: 1517/1522
Distance Axis Wheels: 2700
Weight: 1420 kg
Tank Capacity: 8045 L
Turn Radius: 5.2
Lowest distance: 140 mm

Suspension / Leg-Leg

Suspension Front: MacPherson Strut
Suspension Rear: Torsion Beam
Brakes Front: Ventilated Disc 15
Brakes Rear: 15 Solid Dream
Additional braking: ABS, EBD
Steering: Rack & Pinion
Tire Size: 195/65 R15


Front lamp
Altitude regulator Headlights
Additional sign lights Side
Wheel rims
Rearview mirror
wiper Home


Electronic Shift Lever
Head Up Display
Smart Entry
confortable Space


Features and Security
Anti-Skid Brakes (ABS)
Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD)
Brake Assist (BA)
 Dual SRS Airbags
Seatbelt with Pretensioner and Force Limiter