Price Toyota Kijang Innova and 2016 LATEST Specifications

Price Toyota Kijang Innova and 2016 LATEST Specifications

Kijang is a product of Toyota is already very famous among the people of the country. The car is touted as the legendary car's been almost 40 years of faithful accompany Indonesian family. Until Toyota Kijang car was asked as a million people. Car deer that were the work of Toyota's proven to be the toughness and durability in the engine sector.

Price Toyota Kijang Innova and 2016 LATEST Specifications
Price Toyota Kijang Innova and 2016 LATEST Specifications

Look at the history of the deer themselves, present the first time the unique design and shape nyetrik. Namely early generations of deer present on the box early 1970s, then from year to year the Toyota Kijang undergo significant changes from the starting form Prominent design and more powerful engine. Until 2015 Toyota Kijang comes with a new charm with the luxury million.

As a car that has been familiar with the people of the country, of course, the price of Toyota Kijang Innova even this very friendly with bags of Indonesian society. Moreover, the resale price of the car Toyota Kijang is still quite high, up to a lot of car users who wanted the car Toyota Kijang. In addition the car is included in the family of Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) it has a level of ride comfort of high quality.
The latest generation of deer innova is really performing with many changes, apart from the Performance of the engine and also the new cabin design in the interior and exterior turns deer innova car is also having a lot of changes are more sophisticated and more luxurious. But before you feel the toughness of this toyota cars helps us see more about specifications and pricing below the Toyota Innova.

Car specification Toyota Innova


Engine Type: 4 cylinder, 16 valve, DOHC, D-4D (diesel type), 4-cylinder, 16-valve, DOHC, VVT-i (type Gasoline)
Cylinder capacity: 2,494 cc (type Diesel), 1998 cc (gasoline type)
Sisitem fuel supply: EFI (type of gasoline), Common Rail Type (type Diesel)
Maximum Power: 102 ps / 3,600 rpm (type Diesel), 136 ps / 5,600 rpm (type Gasoline)
Maximum Torque: 26.5 kg m / 2,400 rpm (type Diesel), 18.6 kg m / 4,000 rpm (type Gasoline)
Bahab Fuel: Diesel (Diesel type), Petrol (gasoline type)
Bore x Stroke: 92.0 mm x 93.8 mm (type Diesel), 86 mm x 86 mm (type Gasoline)
Steering system: Electric Power Steering (All types)


Length: 4,735 mm
Width: 1,830 mm
Height: 1,795 mm
Distance Cornerstone front / rear: 1,540 mm / 1,540 mm
Distance Axis Wheels: 2,750 mm
Tank capacity: 55 L

Suspension / Leg-Leg

Transmission: 5 - Speed ​​A / T, 4 - Speed ​​M / T
Suspension Front: Double Wishbone with Coil Spring and Stabilizer
Rear Suspension: 4 Link with Coil Spring and Lateral Road
Brakes Front: Ventilated Disc
Rear Brakes: Drum Brake
Tire Size: 215/55 R17 Alloy

The exterior and interior

Air Conditioning (AC)
Integrated Key
auto Alarm
Wirelees Door Lock
Power Windows
Power Door Lock
Safety features
GOA frame structure
Dual SRS Airbags
Side Impact Beam
Steering Column Collapse
New Seatbelt