LATEST REVIEWS 2017 Volvo V90 D4

LATEST REVIEWS 2017  Volvo V90 D4

Volvo estate has always been popular, thanks to their reputation as a safe, practical and reliable holdalls family, but the company itself has not been in the league prestige together with Audi, BMW or Mercedes-Benz - something that CEO Håkan Samuelsson hopes to put right with a new range of vehicles based Volvo Scalable product Architecture (SPA).

LATEST REVIEWS 2017  Volvo V90 D4
LATEST REVIEWS 2017  Volvo V90 D4

Following on from the XC90, V90 which (along with the sedan S90) is the second vehicle from Gothenburg to utilize the company's innovative modular platform. highlights key is steel and aluminum monocoque, double wishbone front suspension and integral link set-up at the back. The same machine as you get on the S90: a 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel with 187bhp D4 and D5 more powerful 2.0-liter with 237bhp and all-wheel drive as standard.

We had the opportunity to test top-spec D5 in Spain earlier this year, and we were impressed with polished dynamics and torque-laden. However, we suspect that the £ 7000 cheaper, front-wheel-drive D4 will be more popular with British buyers.

Only two trim levels are available: the entry-level and range-topping Momentum inscription. Momentum cars even come with lots of standard luxuries such as leather, LED lights, a fully touchscreen navigation Census belt and all kinds of advanced driver aids. However, this is reflected in the price, the V90 is start from £ 34 555.